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Find yourself in the best conditions to create your training content and monitor your learners!

mindonsite Trainer / FacilitatorLearning challenges for Trainers & Facilitators

  • Evolve towards tailored consulting and coaching activities (linked to market evolution)
  • Create relevant, interactive and engaging content adapted to the audience
  • Collaborate with a wide range of experts
  • Integrate the digitised world in trainings

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mindonsite Trainer / FacilitatorThe desired solution

  • Offers collaborative content creation with experts
  • Helps diversify and combine training activities
  • Lets animate groups outside classroom-based training sessions
  • Capitalises on existing or new content
  • Gives access to monitor learners’ progress and adjust content accordingly
  • Supports tutoring and coaching

mindonsite Trainer / FacilitatorTestimony of Richard K. – Trainer, Tutor

“I have a set of simple and user-friendly tools to create training and evaluation content. Often on the move, I can create my courses using the authoring tool MOS Solo. I can enrich my courses with videos, questionnaires to validate prerequisites, satisfaction surveys, and my own blog. I also have more time to coach my learners and motivate them.”

Richard K. Trainer / Facilitator