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Raffierkro social and sustainable commitment


1963 : Discovery of the abandoned leper asylum of Manikro located 7 km from Bouake in Central Cote d’Ivoire by the doctor Captain Raffier who decides to turn it into a hospital.

1964 : Beginning of the construction of the first houses and creation of the first two classrooms.

2012/2013: Electricity brought to the Abidji and N’douakro villages (teachers’ and computer specialist houses), Kpokanhankro drilling, construction of a kindergarten and implementation of a spirulina farm.

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Our contribution

MOS – MindOnSite offered the electrification of the kindergarten (2010) and the IT specialist’s house (2012) and the technical training in the spirulina farm project (2013) and renewed the IT equipment of the school (2014).


50th anniversary of Raffierko village