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Webinar “How to boost the performance of your sales teams”


Webinar “How to boost the performance of your sales teams” on 15 December from 11:00 to 11:45

Give your sales teams the means to perform and be operational quickly!

Learning and acquering knowledge is not enough! Your sales teams also need to practice and master the skills required to perform their duties in the field, on a daily basis.

MOS – MindOnSite, creator of learning environment, and Serious Factory, editor of immersive simulators, meet these challenges through a new common and innovative solution, the Smart Learning Portal for sales forces.

In this pre-designed and turnkey learning environment, your sales teams – internal as well as external – access trainng content dedicated to them. On an engaging and secure learning portal that you customise, your employees train without time constraints and follow training programmes to acquire

  • knowledge (Digital Learning modules, serious games …)
  • skills (practical work, behavioural simulator …)

Through demonstrations and customer cases, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite and Christian Gayton, Director of Digital at Learning Serious Factory, show you how to train your teams in an efficient and sustainable manner.


Registration for our webinar on 15 December at 11:00 are free.

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