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Webinar – How to succeed in employees onboarding with learning portals

Webinar on 15 September

How to succeed in employees onboarding with learning portal

Webinar on 15 september

Our previous webinar organised on 12 April was a enormous success and we decided to replay it live with our experts Elodie Primo (CEO of MOS – MindOnSite) and Michel Diaz (Associate Director, Féfaur).


Towards Smart Onboarding Portal

Onboarding is a key moment in an employee’s integration and success in a company and it is a challenge for the whole organisation.

The new learning portals can facilitate, improve and speed up the onboarding process. To what extend? How, with what resources, and what services?


During this webinar, will be discussed

  • Financial challenges and consequences of successful onboarding; productivity and retention
  • Training developments and updates considering the challenges of onboarding
  • How to mobilise the Digital Learning to improve and accelerate integration
  • Onboarding portal: resources and services available to a new employee, his/her team and manager; proof of a company’s digital maturity
  • Examples of successful onboarding with the “Smart Onboarding Portal

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Our webinar is held in French.

The white paper “How to succeed in new employees onboarding with learning portals” will be soon translated and made available on our Resources section. Stay tuned!

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