Enter the era of networking, knowledge sharing and collaboration


As business competitiveness becomes dependent on the speed of response to customer requests and problems encountered, ensuring your company uses 2.0 technology becomes a necessity.


With a focus on the real needs of community rather than the mere availability of teaching content, eLearning 2.0 actively supports this approach.

Web 2.0 technologies combine:

  • improved user interfaces,
  • intelligent structures,
  • more open communication protocols (web services),
  • more extensive interoperability.


Web 2.0 offers technological improvements such as the AJAX revolution, RSS feeds, tags, and other features.

An eLearning 2.0 platform:

  • offers tools to capitalise on, share, and jointly develop knowledge through wikis, blogs, editable content, document sharing
  • encourages active collaboration between participants, and interaction between all parties involved, in particular through communities of practice and virtual communications
  • manages personal user areas
  • facilitates the syndication of content and the availability of valuable multimedia content (audio, video, etc.)