Client and partner onboarding

Master your client and partner onboarding process for faster take-up of your products and services

More about the solutions

Preboarding: make your offering more visible

Communicate on your offering to attract new clients. Run email marketing campaigns so others can get to know your offering, and use your digital learning platform as a showcase. Offer paid-for courses to your learner network of clients, partners, distributors, etc.

The onboarding process: a solution to grow your brand’s reputation

Express your brand and company culture through the digital learning portal. Offer your clients and partners an engaging experience with custom graphic design and features. Gamify your service with levels, badges and points to encourage progression and build your clients’ loyalty.

Bring your clients up to speed faster

Client onboarding makes it easier for them to become familiar with your solutions by providing the tools, resources and knowledge they need for a successful client/supplier relationship.


  • Customisation
  • MOS Marketing Funnel
  • Gamification
  • MOS eCommerce