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Bring your learners into your world and create a unique learning experience

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A complete online training platform

Inform, train, evaluate and certify your entire learning ecosystem.

MOS Chorus is a multilingual digital learning platform made up of complementary functional modules so you can manage your users and training courses.

Its content editor will help you create digital training modules and questionnaires.

Total customisation

Customise your training courses, both in terms of graphic design and features.

Your organisation’s culture spreads through the training portal. You choose the extent to which the interface and services are customised: a modern design, user experience, brand universe, gamification, collaborative spaces, features, etc.

Style and interface editors are wholly integrated into the platform, so we can guarantee that custom, scalable portals can be implemented quickly on PCs, tablets and smartphones.

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Blended Learning

Mix the types of activities and resources, and integrate all kinds of methods:

  • Asynchronous: e-learning, presentations, questionnaires, knowledge bases, Moocs.
  • Synchronous: in-person, coaching, virtual classes
  • Assemblies: courses

The MOS Virtual Classroom extension includes the virtual classroom tools Glowbl and MS Teams, so you can create and manage your virtual class sessions directly in the training portal.

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Content editing

Create your training modules and questionnaires quickly.

To help increase the interactivity of your training session, we offer seven exercise templates to create more than 30 types of exercises. You can easily enrich your modules by inserting documents, images, sounds, videos, animations, and third-party content in formats such as HTML, AICC, SCORM, etc. The task manager makes it easy for authors and contributors to design in a collaborative way.

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Multi-site management

Adjust your content to meet the precise needs of your various learner audiences and training themes.

The platform has a multi-site feature that allows you to manage different spaces independently of each other, each with their own operations and administrators: URL, content, graphic design and features, user lists and profiles, languages, services, etc.

Security and GDPR

Comply with GDPR criteria with our MOS Chorus features and our measures in terms of security and technical and organisational confidentiality. The security and quality of the hosting is ensured by professionals who are ISO 27001:2013/Good Privacy/OCPD/APPD-certified.

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Advanced interfacing and compatibility

More than 115 web services are available for communication and data exchanges between the online training solution and your organisation’s other systems (CRM, ERP, HR-IT, LMS).

The platform is also compatible with e-learning standards HTML, AICC, SCORM 1.2, SCORM 2004, QTI, LTI and, soon, with xAPI.

Fast rollouts

The MOS Chorus learning management system is a modular and flexible 100%-web application with fast rollouts in any kind of environment. It is open to a variety of web services and easily adapts to your context and integrates smoothly into your environment. Whether you are a small business or an international corporation, the solution can scale and adapt to fit your needs!

It is available in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode or as permanent licenses.

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