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Learning Management System: What is an LMS?

04.08.21 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning

Everything you need to know about Learning Management Systems Given the digital era that is invading our businesses, have you perhaps thought of embarking on a training digitalisation plan? MOOC, SPOC, COOC, LMS… Digital Learning solutions are of many kinds! It’s difficult to choose when you do not understand them very well. In this article,…

How are managers the new training coaches?

23.03.21 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning - Skills Management

What are the levers of learner motivation?

19.02.21 · Digital Learning

What is motivation? Rest assured, this is not an essay for the Philosophy 2021 school leaving exam! Nevertheless, as a digital learning professional, it is important to understand key concepts such as engagement, interaction, and… motivation! Indeed, this question is essential! Knowing what engages and motivates our learners to complete a training course is basic…

Onboarding and Digital Learning: the winning combination?

20.01.21 · Digital Learning

What is onboarding? To begin with, let’s go back to the definition of the term “onboarding”. It is a very well-known Anglicism, as it is used a great deal in the vocabulary of travel, especially when boarding an aircraft; but what does it mean in business? Onboarding, or integration, represents the period during which your…

7 Most Overlooked Extended Enterprise Learning Management System Benefits for SMBs

18.11.20 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning - Extended Learning Enterprise

How Your SMB Can Benefit From An Extended Enterprise LMS ? There’s a common misconception that extended enterprise LMSs are strictly for Fortune 500 companies. Or, at the very least, for organizations with franchisees, dealers, and expansive sales channels. The truth is that even small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from an extended enterprise Learning…

7 Tips for Using LMS for Better Training Experience

15.10.20 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning

Discover our 7 Tips for Using LMS for Better Training Experience. Business growth and success depend heavily on the people working in it. Hence, more and more organizations are starting to see the importance of employee training. These supplementary learnings can enrich their skills and abilities, greatly benefiting your company in the long run. Hence,…

7 Insider Secrets To Find An Enterprise-Friendly LMS For Your Extended Sales Channel

23.09.20 · Digital Learning - Extended Learning Enterprise

How to pick The Right LMS For Your Extended Enterprise? Your external sales team doesn’t have to be left out in the cold when it comes to online training. In fact, an enterprise LMS can give them access to the same skill-building resources as your in-house staffers. After all, they may need some help sealing…

Top20 LXP Platforms 2020 | Training Industry

27.08.20 · News

Top 20 Learning Experience Platform Company 2020 announces the 2020 Top 20 list for the best LXP platforms. As part of its mission to monitor the best providers of training services and technologies, announces its 2020 “Top 20 LXP Companies”. We are proud to be selected in the first edition of this Top20! Our MOS…