Discover the features of our Smart Learning Solutions

Discover our solutions

Unique and engaging learning experience

Our smart learning solutions are designed for training the extended enterprise, and offer you unique and engaging training experiences thanks to a wide range of powerful features.

  • Extended enterprise: onboard and train your employees, partners and clients
  • Multi-site: separate spaces for each target and topic
  • Customisation/Branding: 100% customisable solutions that reflect your brand
  • User experience: a unique and engaging experience for your various targets
  • Blended learning: manage e-learning and in-person lessons, coaching and virtual classes
  • Mobile learning: mobile app for smartphones and tablets (iOS and Android), even offline
  • Certification: bulk manage certifications and clearance
  • Social learning: user-generated content, blogs, and forums, share and evaluate content
  • Gamification: use games to drive progress
  • Duels: let learners challenge each other to harness emulation and drive assessment
  • E-commerce: online sales integrated into the LMS
  • Marketing Funnel: market your offers directly from your training platform
  • Multilingual: more than 20 languages available as standard
  • Evaluation: a wide-range of evaluations: satisfaction, diagnostics, formative, summative, on the field by managers and coaches
  • Skills: integrate your repository to structure progression
  • Security: features and measures to protect your data
  • Communication: automated notifications, chat, mailing/reminder tools
  • Content editing: integrate and create training courses and questionnaires
  • Interfacing: integrates with your IT system via web services
  • MOS Manager / MOS Trainer: a dedicated space for managers and trainers with key indicators for the team and tools to manage registrations and coaching