MOS Community

We value exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge through our community of practice.

MOS Center

What will I find in MOS Center ?

MOS Center is our resource centre for our customers to get the most out of our e-learning solutions. It provides access to all the information needed to get started with our solutions and to use them optimally:

  • guides, demos, tutorials, knowledge bases, technical documentation
  • style, interface and sequence templates
  • image libraries, language files and dictionaries
  • updates and evolutions
  • regularly updated blogs to find answers to frequently asked questions and tips and trick

MOS Community

MOS Community is a space where we share on new pedagogies and training technologies and is dedicated to our clients and experts. You will find a dedicated space for participants of events organised by our team with presentations, videos, demos, contact lists, etc.

MOS Club

MOS Club is an annual event we organise for our clients. The main objective is to share experiences and best practices. You will discover the latest developments in the field of Digital Learning and will be able to discuss the integration of the evolutions of MOS solutions.

A MOS Club event is organised every year.