Find out about the history behind MOS - MindOnSite and its Smart Learning Solutions

About MOS – MindOnSite

Our story

MOS – MindOnSite is a Swiss company based in Lausanne and founded in 2001 by Elodie Primo Amado.

After 10 years working in the sales divisions of international logistics companies, Elodie made the switch to human resources. She has a passion for human behaviour and cognitive sciences, and successfully completed a master’s degree in neuro-linguistic programming, the work for which focuses on examples in training.

She then partnered with friends to found a training company and led workshops on creativity strategies. After many requests related to the rise of digital technologies, the partners decided to specialise in online training and founded Integral Coaching, which would later become MOS – MindOnSite.

Led by Elodie, the MOS – MindOnSite team believes that access to knowledge and skills development helps organisations to stand out and gives power to the individuals inside the organisations. Their goal is to make knowledge accessible to everyone, anywhere and anytime, thanks to agile, innovative and engaging digital training solutions that train, inform, evaluate and certify the organisation’s entire ecosystem: employees, clients, partners, distribution networks, etc.

Today, MOS – MindOnSite is:

  • 20 years of experience in the field of online training
  • + 900 digital learning systems rolled out
  • + 200 clients in France and Switzerland
  • + 3 million users internationally

Our values

  • Transformation > Transforming organisations: Help digitalise training and improve individuals’ digital skills and contribute to changes in the company and everyone’s wellbeing
  • Energy > Energise and motivate users with fun, unique and engaging solutions
  • Agility > An agile team with agile solutions, ready to meet your specific needs
  • Collective intelligence > Use the strength of our partner ecosystem to co-build suitable solutions with the client

Together, let’s build the digital learning system that suits you, and transform your organisation from the inside so that it shines like a beacon on the outside!

The group

In 2008, MOS – MindOnSite joined the Demos group, one of the leaders in training in France, then the group Weidong Cloud Education, a global operator of training platforms and a UNESCO partner.

Your client experience

The client experience is at the heart of what we do

Our goal is to become your trusted partner and help you make a success of your training systems.

The team is comprised of a panel of experts in their fields who are always ready to tackle new, innovative projects. They are driven by the same desire to satisfy our clients and make progress together. From the start of our journey together, you will be supported by a single point of contact who will be responsible for reaching your objectives and making the most of our solutions in your specific context. You will also be in direct contact with the product team, which always loves feedback on how our solutions can evolve!

We guarantee close, responsive, and attentive service in all the stages of your projects.

International recognition

Top 20 Learning Management System

2022, 2021

Training Industry

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Digital Learning Awards


2022 – “Communication and deployment”

awarded to our client CANAL+ INTERNATIONAL

2021 –Learning experience and engagement

awarded to our client CANAL+ ACADEMY

2021 – “Learning Innovation”

awarded to our client AIR FRANCE

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Most Innovative Extended Enterprise

Digital Learning Solutions Provider

Western Europe

Corporate Vision

Great User Experience


Finances Online

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