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We are convinced that access to knowledge and skills development allow organisations to stand out and empower the individuals within. So we make knowledge available to all, at any time and place, thanks to agile, innovative and engaging digital learning solutions.

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Our ecosystem reflects our values: collaboration, trust and agility.

Clients, partners and distributors provide quality support and participate in building the same vision together: offering smooth, innovative digital learning solutions.

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Solutions to meet your objectives

Find out how our solutions can help successfully align your business and training objectives.

Whether you are a Digital Learning Manager, a Training Manager, a Sales & Marketing Manager or an IT Manager, our agile, flexible solutions adapt to your needs and objectives.


"The solution offered by MOS-MindOnSite is now the single access point for partners and companies in the acquisition of skills related to the eco21 programme. It has enabled us to facilitate the management of our training courses, particularly in the following areas : training of people from outside the company, automation of administrative management, communication, online content distribution, management of technical seminars / webinars."

Sophie Schönenberger, Training Manager, Services Industriels de Genève

"E-learning and the features we have selected are tools we put provide to our managers to help them lead, challenge, value and advance their teams."

Nadia Furchert, e-learning project manager, Feu Vert

"We are delighted with the result, the solution is ergonomic, easy to access, and fits with the experience we want our Kiabers to have. We really want to thank MOS - MindOnSite team members for their support, agility, availability and professionalism."

Fatima Said, Skills Development Director, Kiabi

"Proximity and availability through a permanent and open dialogue are essential. The reactivity and expertise of the MOS team are precious and indispensable. These practices have enabled us to develop a relationship of trust and allow us to give free rein to our imagination! The choice of LMS is important, but the team that manages it is even more important. It is our conviction today."

Berengere Vuaillat, Learning & Development Manager, CANAL+

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Since 2001, we have supported our clients in creating agile and innovative digital learning systems! Our learning portals are completely customisable, so you can inform, train, track, evaluate and certify your ecosystem: internal employees, external partners, distributors, resellers and clients.

We create a unique digital learning experience that suits you, where you decide on the objectives and the degree of customisation.


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