Evaluation, certification and skills management

Easily evaluate and certify your employees, partners and clients

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Create evaluations for key training moments in your company

Support your business needs and create milestones in your online training system with relevant questionnaires that will help your learners grow and manage their skills: diagnostic, formative, summative, practical, field by the manager, and satisfaction evaluations. Foster emulation with Duels between learners.

Give your learners a chance to improve their skills

Organise your skills repository by domain and topic. Automatically assign skills according to the learner’s profile and progression. Get tracking and report tables in just a click. Involve your managers and trainers with dedicated tools.

Manage professional evaluations and certifications easily

Create, distribute and view all your evaluation, certification and clearance campaigns in just a few clicks. Track due dates and expiring learner certifications. Manage renewals automatically.



MOS Certification

MOS Manager

MOS Trainer

MOS Duels

Automated notifcations

Questionnaires and quiz



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