Sales & Marketing Manager

Digital Learning to train your sales teams, reach your objectives and make your marketing campaigns a success

Our solutions help business unit managers tackle sales and marketing challenges:

  • React quickly to market demand (product launches and promotions, campaigns, prospection, etc.)
  • Ensure that your in-house and external sales forces fully master your products and services, processes and quality standards
  • Evaluate your in-house and external sales forces’ knowledge and skills at any time
  • Continuously improve your teams’ and distribution networks’ performances.

With a Smart Learning Platform, you will have a solution that is:

  • Flexible and scalable to meet your current needs
  • Quick to implement for more efficient operations
  • Flexible and easy to integrate into your IT environment, your CRM and other tools
  • Safe to communicate confidential information
  • Global to involve your in-house and external sales forces

Offer your in-house and external sales forces what they need to perform well:

  • Training content that is easy to access from any device (PC, smartphone, tablet)
  • A variety of training content (virtual classes, videos, interactive exercises, micro-learning, etc.)
  • A visually attractive, user-friendly environment
  • Gamification tools to energise learners and add interactivity