Employee onboarding

Delight your new employees with a successful integration

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Foster a sense of belonging with a digital integration plan

With a digitalised integration plan, offer your new employees access to relevant content from any device. Offer a modern and attractive learning experience with a dedicated tool and interface that reflects your brand and your company culture.

The preboarding journey: Stay in touch before the big day

Inform your new hires so they can be prepared to step into their new role by providing training and documents even before their first day. Notify them of their new accounts with automatic notifications by email or SMS.

Support employees in their new roles

Offer your new hires a dynamic onboarding process with a dedicated portal that will help them settle into their new role. Share and gather useful information. Get feedback with satisfaction and surprise surveys. Encourage discussions with peers via forums. Regularly communicate through announcements and blog posts, or connect your portal to your social network to make interactions easier.


Mobile Learning

Questionnaires and quizzes

Customised notifications

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