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Learner engagement in practice…

In preparation for the webinar she co-animates with Féfaur on 15 September, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, talks about learners’ engagement in their training and the importance that should be given to it. (Interview published in E-learning Letter on 31 August 2015)



For MOS – MindOnSite, learner engagement is far from being just a theory…

“Profitability is a company’s main concern. It is proven that companies where collaborators are the most committed to their work show better performance results than others”, says Elodie Primo.

Digital Learning places the learner in the heart of his training. With the help of new technologies, he has access to resources, information and training anytime on any device.

Engagement is far from being theoretical. Learning portals and LMS platforms offer a great number of indicators to appreciate and measure it.

The use of ergonomics and services on the learning portal also plays a major role…

What is an engaging portal? Elodie Primo summarises it in a couple of points: the portal’s ergonomics, optimised features or services provided to learners, and above all, user experience. And also, learning portals that can be adapted to a particular brand, to specific training themes, target populations or training objectives.

Is a “good design” enough?

The use of ergonomics and design in a portal are key but not solely. Elodie Primo reminds us the engagement flow’s main components and impact on improving learner engagement: motivation, action, and feedback.


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