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MOS Chorus: popular LMS platform for distribution networks

16.06.22 · Digital Learning - Digital Learning - Extended Learning Enterprise


Training and eLearning in western Switzerland

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7 Most Overlooked Extended Enterprise Learning Management System Benefits for SMBs

16.09.21 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning - Extended Learning Enterprise

formation entreprise étendue lms

Learning Management System: What is an LMS?

04.08.21 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning

définition lms learning management system

How are managers the new training coaches?

23.03.21 · Blended Learning - Digital Learning - Skills Management

What are the levers of learner motivation?

19.02.21 · Digital Learning

What is motivation? Rest assured, this is not an essay for the Philosophy 2021 school leaving exam! Nevertheless, as a digital learning professional, it is important to understand key concepts such as engagement, interaction, and… motivation! Indeed, this question is essential! Knowing what engages and motivates our learners to complete a training course is basic…