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7 Most Overlooked Extended Enterprise Learning Management System Benefits for SMBs

7 Most Overlooked Extended Enterprise Learning Management System Benefits for SMBsDigital Learning

How Your SMB Can Benefit From An Extended Enterprise LMS ? There’s a common misconception that extended enterprise LMSs are strictly for Fortune 500 companies. Or, at the very least, for organizations with franchisees, dealers, and expansive sales channels. The truth is that even small to mid-sized businesses can benefit from an extended enterprise Learning […]

đź’Ą 7 Insider Secrets To Find An Enterprise-Friendly LMS For Your Extended Sales ChannelDigital Learning

Article written by Christopher Pappas, founder of eLearning Indsutry    Choosing an LMS for external partner training versus in-house L&D involves a unique vetting process. In this article, I share 7 insider secrets to find a user-friendly enterprise LMS that’s just right for your extended sales channel.   Picking The Right LMS For Your Extended […]

How to deploy a Digital Learning system globally in 7 key lessons?Digital Learning

“7 lessons of Digital Learning without boarders” It is important to be inspired by digital learning as it is practised in French, and of course international companies. It is only by opening up to successful projects and practices and, it must be said, digital learning cultures observed “elsewhere”, that we can enrich our own training […]

Extended learning and learning portalDigital Learning

Extended learning and learning portal: the 2 inseparable In her October 2016 interview published in E-learning Letter, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, takes stock of the Extended Enterprise Learning as an increasingly relevant learning modality. Elodie Primo shares with us her extensive experience in conceiving and implementing extended learning environment for her clients. […]

MOS Chorus: popular LMS platform for distribution networksDigital Learning

The LMS platform of MOS – MindOnSite has achieved a successful breakthrough in big companies and in SMEs, especially in the field of sales force training. Elodie Primo, CEO, explains the reasons of such success (interview published in Elearning Letter, 13 March 2015). Why is eLearning most often – and successfully – used to train sales forces? Elearning brings many benefits […]

MOS Chorus and the extended enterprise learningDigital Learning

MOS Chorus and the extended enterprise learning   In her interview published in French on Elearning Letter on 16 May 2014, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, talks about MOS Chorus and the extended enterprise learning. She reflects on the current learning trends; aware of the importance of learning for their own competitiveness, companies tent to train not […]