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From LMS to Smart Learning Portals: extension of the training area

From LMS to Smart Learning Portals: expanding training area

The LMS E-learning “From the LMS platform to the training portal: assessment and perspectives”

In her interview published in the E-learning Letter in January 2017, Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS-MindOnSite, explains the strategy behind the ready-to-use learning portals that enables to accelerate Digital Learning and make it available to any companies.

She also reveals the new features of the recently released 042 version of the MOS Chorus platform.

Smart Learning Portals: extension of the training area

Is it better to talk about “Learning portals” than “LMS platforms”?

“By definition, the portal is a gateway to a wide range of resources and services that focus on a particular area or community. The notion of portal places at the center the experience of the end user of the extended enterprise whether he/she is a collaborator, manager, partner or client.”

“The LMS is more technical. It generates learning portals that aim at specific populations, business sectors, topics or brands. It is therefore the central point of access to various spaces that can also be distributed from intranet, websites, CRM or any other application. All data is centralised. A single-user authentication smooths the user experience.

How do recent developments in the MOS Chorus platform take these requirements into account?

The 042 version of our MOS Chorus platform – just released in December 2016 – offers a new HTML5 player that allows a perfect synchronisation between the media and the display of comments. In terms of Mobile Learning, videos are “responsive”, as are training content and portal interfaces.

And we keep on improving our MOS Calendar, with the release of the version 2 that incorporates time zone management, documents associated with training and generation of attendance reports.

more about the version 042

And you have developed a new strategy with Smart Learning Portal…

We have created the range of Smart Learning Portals to help initiate and deploy training programmes.

The Smart Learning Portals offer ready-to-use learning portals that are fully customisable in terms of features and look&feel. ”They integrate catalogues of on-the-shelf content of Demos and of our partners. It is more than 10’000 pedagogical and eLearning objects and videos”, mentions Elodie Primo.

They answer the learning challenges of a particular business sector: Aeronautic, Agrifood, Bancassurance, Sales forces, Onboarding… “(…) and our new gamified learning portal on digital culture, which includes short videos, quizzes and eLearning.”

More on Smart Learning Portals

What is new with MOS-MindOnSite at the beginning of this year?

We launched our new extension, MOS Analytics, which explores training data through smart, interactive visualisations and highlights key performance indicators related to training programs.

Our technical team is also working on the new xAPI and cmi5 standards and is developing a LMS  (Learning Activity (or APIs) Management System), a service-oriented learning environment, with autonomous components (APIs) to create fully customisable learning environments ».

And finally, we are working closely with Demos, and the Chinese group Weidong that sells MOS Chorus in China.


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