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How to boost a learning strategy with big data

How to boost a learning strategy with big data


Big data offers new and bright prospects for learning. Regards d’Expert by Demos tackles these large amounts of data in the field of training, in the light of one key question: how to use it to optimise the skills development strategy?

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It is through a series of practical questions that Elodie Primo, CEO of MOS – MindOnSite, shares with us her vision on this hot topic. The learning solution editor has indeed just released a new business analytics extension, MOS Analytics.

Hereafter a summary of her answers.

The MOS Chorus LMS platform collects individual and collective information such as time spent, results or success rates that are key learning indicators. With big data, are also considered all types of performed pedagogical activities, enabling the analysis of progress before and after training.

Individual data

The learner is at the heart of his learning path, as he provides data through his evaluations, self-positioning tests, evaluations by a coach or by declaring his skills.

The analysis of the new data improves the quality of the learning experience and makes it even more effective and personalised. It is possible, for example, to identify learning preferences (for example, the type of content the learner is comfortable with). From there, there is one step to guide learners path and push useful content that fits their own way of learning and integrate their daily activities.

In the long-run, big data will allow learners to build their own portfolio of skills and training that they will enrich as their personal journey goes.

Collective data

On the collective standpoint, the individual data that is aggregated gives also a new wealth of information on activities within a team, a business unit or even a company. The HR manager can consolidate indicators, target common specific training activities and create a learning strategy in sync with business objectives, such as determining the training actions to start selling a new product.


Big data is a fabulous catalyst to boost and optimise the skills development strategy both at the individual and collective level. It is obviously imperative to be transparent with employees and announce upfront the information that is or will be tracked and collected.