IT Manager

Interconnect your entire ecosystem!

Like more than 200 organisations, use our transparent SCORM and SAML or API integration to offer your learners a simple and attractive online training experience.

Our solutions help tackle challenges for IT departments:

  • Ensure the organisation’s systems are secure and interoperable
  • Obtain all the information needed to conduct the required analyses for solutions to function correctly
  • Easily roll out the training solution to the entire organisation
  • Enjoy the support of a dedicated, available team

Our solutions adapt to your IT environment and are:

  • Easy to roll out and do not require any installation
  • Versatile to suit the company’s computer fleet (homogeneous or heterogeneous)
  • Updated from the server
  • Adaptable in terms of architecture with other systems
  • Easy to integrate with the company’s internal systems

The main benefits of integrating with your ecosystem:

  • Make your training offering more accessible
  • Foster learner take-up and engagement with a smooth integration
  • Enjoy advanced reports and analyses
  • Improve training management and reduce administrative tasks