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MOS Universal Player

Online and offline eLearning content player for your mobile devices !

Follow your training directly on your mobile devices!

MOS Universal Player  is an application developed by MOS – MindOnSite. It lets you follow your eLearning courses on smartphone or tablet, whenever you are at home, on the move or simply offline.

Follow your trainings on the “MOS Universal Player” app !

You download your eLearning courses before leaving and follow them offline anytime and anywhere you want. Your scores and progress are saved locally and then synchronised with the LMS platform, as soon as you are back online.

Connect to your e-learning portal directly from your mobile device.

When you are online, you connect to your learning portal to follow your eLearning content. All your results and progress accomplished online and offline are all centralised in the LMS platform MOS Chorus.

Follow-up your progress.

Discover and follow-up all your results from your results area directly on the app. Display all the badges you obtained and those you still have to get.

Ressources at your disposal:

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