Creating and recording videos on your own

The solution to create professional videos in the blink of an eye

Rapidmooc is revolutionising digital learning within organisations with interactive kiosks for recording training videos and facilitating remote meetings or courses, all in total autonomy. Rapidmooc studios are deployed in a wide variety of work and learning environments around the world: universities, schools, corporations, government institutions, utilities and more, supporting their digital transformation through video creation. Our devices considerably simplify the massive production of training and communication content to enable the digital transformation of organisations at controlled costs!


Within 5 years of existence, the solution has already attracted over 400 companies (CAC40 & SBF120), universities and colleges. Inwicast, which develops and markets Rapidmooc solutions, is continuing its international growth and is establishing itself on these markets thanks to offices in Switzerland, Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States, in addition to France.

In Swiss Romandie, RapidMooc is represented by eManiak (Tony Amado, Country Manager), partner and distributor of the solutions, and has a demonstration and registration corner at the Ifage in Geneva. You can have a virtual tour if you like!

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